New 995TS Owner
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Author:  George Taylor [ Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: New 995TS Owner

Meat ball sandwiches are good! Friday nights the wife and I eat carryout. 90% of the time it's pizza...once in a while a gyro. But EX has be thinking this Friday is gonna be meatball sandwich. (Hold the hot peppers). Maybe, just maybe, if I play my cards right, some vanilla ice cream to go with my peach cobbler for desert.

DoyleNos...my second Hi Point was what is now called a 995 Classic. Back when I bought it it was just a 995. Ever since Jason did his write-up on his 4595TS WC I've wanted one. All of my friends teased me for buying my "planet of the apes" gun, but it's become my signature firearm. Whenever they come over to shoot it's expected that I get out the Ape gun. I have no idea how many rounds have gone through it, but I'm responsible for only about 20%. If I break down and get one with a tactical stock, it'll be the one Jason's got. Then I'll be FORCED to buy the matching handgun. :great:

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