Forum Emergency Contact !!!!!READ ME!!!!!!!
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Author:  erc [ Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum Emergency Contact !!!!!READ ME!!!!!!!

As the title implies, we have set up an "Emergency" email address in the event the forum goes down without notice.
This address is NOT an address that will be checked regularly, and/or responded to other than if it is no other option.
If the forum is online, we are here.

This address is simply for the members to check in for status info on the site in the event of failure, and for staff to relay any info. we may have .
That address is: Broom.head@live.com
I urge you all to record this in light of today's outage. Though we can be reached by our respective @hipointtalk.com address, we prefer that you use the former, as we will be in contact with each other trying to solve the issue.

We feel that this is the most convenient way for all of us to keep in touch in the event something happens, and I personally will volunteer to check the gmail site for the next week.
Simply submit a message with the subject line of "just checking in", and a short "include me" in the body, and I'll include you into the contacts list.
This makes it easy for us to send out a contact wide message to all, rather than having to answer each individual message.

This is an an active account, and in the event the site crashes, you can find us here for news.
Please record this into the address book of whatever client you choose to use.
Today was a small wake up as to what could happen beyond our control.
Thanks for your support, and may this only have be to used in a SHTF situation.
HPT Staff.

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