JHP Quickie Range Report
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Author:  jasonsch [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:40 am ]
Post subject:  JHP Quickie Range Report

They said this snow was gonna hit us - So, after work I found some ammo:


And loaded up the pile of mag's I have:


And headed for the range. I got there a little after 4:00 and parked at the pistol area..
I decided to just use the hood of my suburban for a shooting bench/rest mostly because
it's easier on my back to have something to lean on.

I got all my stuff out and set up - gun, extra ammo, box of loaded mags, sand bags and brass catcher:


You can see in that picture we have a couple different metal targets to shoot at.
on the left you pull the rope and it sets up several large round targets.
The one on the right is kinda fun and no resetting anything as if you hit one
it just spins around from the left side to the right side and vise-versa.

This shows them better:


I parked about 20 steps away (60 feet??) and did pretty good!!

I think the left targets are 10-12 inch and the spinners on the left are 6-8 inch. I should measure them sometime!!
I shot about 300 rounds and I need to adjust my Mahan Site - It hits a little to the left - but it was cold and dark was coming soon so I just compensated for it,

My JHP which has many thousands of rounds through it. With these 300 rounds it never had a single problem with the Hi Point mags.
Some are new - this is only the 2nd time I've used them.

The one Promag I have is fun because it holds more rounds - 14 I think!! And it even looks OK.
Kinda like a mag with a gun attached::


But this happened twice:


Is that not a stovepipe??
All I had to do was pull the slide back a hair and let the round go into the chamber and we were back in action.
I'm sure when it gets used a little more it'll work better. (-:

I watch those "speed demons" on TV at those shooting matches and they are VERY impressive with their speed and accuracy.
My favorite ones are Julie Golob and Jerry Miculek - both are fun to watch.

I've always had this thought that it'd be fun to show up at a local shooting competition like that with a Hi Point...
Can you imagine how you'd feel with your high-dollar "Race Gun" if some ugly old fat guy beats you with a stock clunky Hi Point??
Well - Stock with a Mahan Site. :great:

So, I try to shoot those damn targets as fast as I can with good solid hits and have a blast!!
But it's weird how I can hit 6 in a row and shoot the last 3 rounds at the 7th and not hit it....
Or sometimes shoot the whole 9 round mag and maybe hit only 2 of them!!

And I have a couple of excuses - well maybe just one...
It's was a cloudy late winter afternoon and not much sunlight - And I had a hell of a time seeing my front site.
I had not cleaned it from the last range trip and the muzzle end get real dirty from residue from the muzzle blast.
And the yellow front site gets covered too.
I need to find a way to make it more visible!! (-:

The other excuse is my fingers were cold and I put some gloves on to keep them warm.

The reason that neither of those are a good excuse is because the same thing happens when it's warm and sunny too!! :D

The last thing that was pretty cool - It was starting to get dark and the muzzle flash was pretty freakin' Impressive!!

Check this out:


Is that an impressive picture or what!!
I videoed it with my iPhone and took a screenshot off the video.
It's be my new screen-saver for a while. :D

Anyway, it was dark by the time I got home.
And I relearned what a great stress reliever shooting my JHP is!!

Shooting Therapy - Doctors should prescribe it... :great:

Thanks!! (-:

Author:  Cornhusker [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

Looks like a good time Jason, you Eskimos really know how to have a good time :great:
The fireball picture is awesome

Author:  George Taylor [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

I keep learning. I always thought a "stovepipe" was when a spent case doesn't fully eject and gets caught in the closing ejection port, creating what looks like a little metal chimney pipe. What Jason's picture shows is what we always refer to as an FTF "failure to feed". FTE (failure to eject) is the empty casing still in the gun. Technically, (and I use the term loosely because I have no idea what I'm talking about more than half the time) my use of the term of "stovepipe" is a type of FTE. Jason's picture does look like the crooked part of the chimney on my wood stove. He's probably right. Anybody know whats correct? I like using the right terminology when guys come over to shoot.

Author:  jasonsch [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

You're probably right George - I see the cartridge wedged in there pointing up and I guessed "Stovepipe"...
But I honestly didn't know for sure...

FTKTD - Failure To Know The Difference :mrgreen:

That why I made that line a question!! :dunno:

"Is that not a stovepipe??"
And Thanks to you it's an answered question - I know that is NOT a stovepipe!!

Author:  George Taylor [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

The muzzle flash reminds me of a school project that my youngest son did with a slow camera shutter speed. We used a black powder revolver as the sun was going down. I wish he'd saved the pictures. It looked like a mini version of Walt's flamethrower. The burning powder leaving the barrel just looks cool. At the beginning of the Patriots football game, they shoot flintlocks. At halftime, they showed the guns firing in slow motion. Makes me want to get one just so I can shoot it at dusk.

Author:  Randy [ Thu Jan 26, 2017 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

My .0002cents worth is that a stovepipe is what GT described, a failure to fully extract so it gets caught up in the opening with the open case mouth pointing outward.

An FYI moment here on BP that everyone should know...
How to start a fire with a black powder rifle when you left all your other firestarting apparatus back somewhere else and you NEED fire.

If you have a flinter go no further, if you can't figure it out the gene pool in your case needs cleaning...

if however, you have a caplock then it's almost as easy...sometimes. This should be practiced to find out what works best for the rifle you have with you.

All of this is assuming the essentials of shooting where brought with...these being caps, powder, and patches of some kind (either cleaning or shooting), no projectiles necessary. Collect the dry tinder of your choice (what!? you don't carry carry dry tinder or charcloth with you!? :shock: ), sprinkle a little powder into a patch and rub it in between your fingers trying to pulverize some of it into the cloth and then put the very smallest pieces into a pile type of your choosing over the patch. Don't try pouring a pile on the patch or under the tinder however, YMMV doing this. 80% of the time all you will get is a blown apart pile of tinder. Do the same for a second patch, measure a small amount (less than 5 grains but depends on caliber)into the rifle barrel, place the patch with rubbed in powder over that and push into place with the ramrod. be certain there is enough powder to catch the spark from the cap but not so much as to loose the burning patch after firing. Point the gun up in the air (NOT at the pile of tinder) taking any breezes into account so the burning patch doesn't drift too far. Fire! Pick up the burning patch (if everything was worked out ahead of time so you get all the ingredients measured out correctly) with a tuft of dry tinder and move it to the pile of dry tinder. It's actually much easier than it sounds. However, this is a last resort technique because nobody would really NEED to do this what with all the modern fire making equipment available. Nevertheless, it fun and one more way to ensure survival during a black powder hunting trip or whatever. Of course, taking a fire glass, a flint and steel or mag strip, some fire pellets or a small amount of sterno works good too. :whistle: I got it! Waterproof matches! Bic lighter! or in Walts case, a flamethrower! :yes2: :thumb:

Author:  codger [ Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

jasonsch wrote:
I had a hell of a time seeing my front site.
I had not cleaned it from the last range trip and the muzzle end get real dirty from residue from the muzzle blast.
And the yellow front site gets covered too.
I need to find a way to make it more visible!! (-:


What I did when having the same problem was to 'paint' not only the sight, but also a line from the front sight back along the top of the slide, the same width as the front sight. When the rear sight blocks out the line, you're on target. Not bullseye accuracy, but center mass accuracy, great for speed rounds. Lowered my times substantially

Randy wrote:
or in Walts case, a flamethrower! :yes2: :thumb:


Author:  jasonsch [ Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: JHP Quickie Range Report

Codger, That sounds like something i just might try!! (-:

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