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 Post subject: Did some work on the PHP tonight
PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:06 am 
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I like shooting the PHP but the trigger action is terrible. Long, rough and gritty feeling in DA, short and smooth as silk in SA. After studying on it for a little while I see there is no way to work the existing setup so the pull gets shorter. :neutral: But I thought maybe I could smooth it out, hopefully a lot.


I took the hammer, the slide block, the sear, the hammer spring transfer bar(??) and spring out. I didn't take the trigger transfer bar out because I haven't gotten that brave yet. There are two (very stout) springs around the slotted shaft that's attached to the transfer bar which is attached to the trigger. Nope, not there there yet in the 'I can do that' department. :groan: It looks simple enough, as do most spring systems, but I've had enough bad luck with springs to know they are deceptive in the way they look. :wow:


Polished everything that came into contact with something else.


Finished up with fine polishing compound. Put it all back together and it ......feels the same. :huh: I even polished the transfer bar the hammer spring rides on. Everything including inside the pin holes (the pins are floating pins, not an interference fit) I know it'll never be a CZ, Ruger or a Sig but ??? It's smooth until I put hammer spring on. I knew that was were the problem was in the first place. But I can't tell where on the transfer bar. It apparently doesn't touch the frame anywhere and the spring doesn't touch the grip that I could tel for any wear marks. So now I don't know where to look. Maybe a simple change to about a 70# :shock: lighter spring will do it. :whistle: The spring in there now looks like it would hold the front of a train up. :lol: That's not it in the pictures, that's the recoil spring.


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