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 Post subject: Contest entry -Teaching your wife turkey hunting
PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2015 6:12 pm 

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So, once again, it's spring turkey season, my absolute favorite hunt of the year. This year will be focused on teaching my wife.

So we headed out in the early dark hours of the morning, and as luck would have it, right off the bat, I heard a gobble off in the distance. So we got set up, and I started calling. This bird was really far off, but my wife wasn't willing to close any distance, she's not exactly a billy goat when it comes to hiking at 9,000' elevations. So I start working this bird, and finally after more than an hour he starts getting closer. I decided to move to behind the tree she was sitting against, so I could direct her as to when to shoot. A few minutes later I have the bird walking right into perfect view, and he's only about 15 yards away. So I whisper in her ear, "shoot now". But apparently she was so mesmerized by him strutting and gobbling, that she didn't shoot. He then got kind of spooked, popped as they do when spooked, and began walking away rather quickly. So I did a really soft putt, and he instantly turner around and start to walk right back to the same great shooting lane. But before he got to the "good spot", my wife lets loose with the 12 ga. 3" magnum and literally cut down a a stand of oak saplings between her and the strutting bird. Fortunately, she nailed him though, he went down good and hard. I jumped for joy and ran out to pick him up. But I had no sooner grabbed his legs when he suddenly went ballistic, wings beating hard.

I'm a small man, I only weigh 115 lbs. soaking wet, and when this bird started trying to fly, I was standing on the side of a steep slope. All of a sudden I found myself being pulled off the slope, my feet were off the ground, and all I could think of how I want it. Do I want to let go and drop 30 or 40 feet, or do I want to let this turkey fly off with me, and fall from an even high distance, either way, dying was all I could think of. So the only thing I could think of doing, was let go of one leg and wrap my free arm around a small jack pine, which I did. I hung there for a good 2 or 3 minutes, 10 or so feet off the ground, until the bird finally gave up the ghost, which was the longest 2 or 3 minutes of my life. When he did finally stop, I dropped him, and climbed down the tree, pretty shaken, but alive. My arm that had hold of him was torn up really bad from his loose leg spurring and raking me. My wife. well she was laughing so hard she almost wet her self. When i asked her what was so funny, she said, that turkey flying away with you, what could be funnier than that.


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 Post subject: Re: Contest entry -Teaching your wife turkey hunting
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:29 am 
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Great story, good entry.

You're challenging the other entrants GS! :)

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